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Media’s Spin on Housing

It’s funny how the media can spin anything to read how they want. Fannie Mae recently took a survey to see if consumers thought now was a good time to buy a home.  The survey revealed that 68% of people believe that now is a good time to buy. Yet, the headlines seemed to concentrate exclusively on the negative:… Continue reading

Top 3 Real Estate Buyer Agent Stay-Informed Items

Most MLS systems today provide some kind of daily report of recent listing activity. It shows expirations, new, withdrawn, under contract, sold listings, as well as price changes. When working with buyers, it is imperative that a real estate agent know the market thoroughly and watch these reports on a daily basis.

1. New Listings that Fit Your Buyers' Requirements… Continue reading

Qualifying Buyers from a Buyer Side Perspective

We're looking at the qualification of buyers here in two contexts. First, we want to try to determine their real estate wants and needs in relation to their financial capability. Second, we want to determine our level of involvement in working with them based on a number of factors, including their urgency.

If you're really hungry, perhaps any buyer with… Continue reading

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